Study the field

it will be there without you

but you can contribute to it


Study the field as a living organism

It has no form, but it has structure

Find its structure and form will come 


The field has continuity

merge with it

and others will join you


Because the field has continuity

no job is large or small

all you do is adding to the field


Nobody builds alone:

When you do something large

leave the small to others

When you do something small

enhance the large


Respond to those before you:

When you find structure

inhabit it

when you find type

play with it

when you find patterns

seek to continue them


Be hospitable to those after you:

give structure

as well as form


The more you seek to continue

what was done by others already

the more you will be recognized for it

the more others will continue what you did



When you can borrow from others

borrow, and praise them for it

When you can steal from others

steal, and admit it freely

No matter what you do

your work will be your own


Avoid style: leave it to the critics and historians

Choose method: it is what you share with your peers


Forget self expression

It is a delusion

Whatever you do

will be recognized by others as your expression

don't give it a thought

Do what the field needs

background: submission to the Aga Khan competition for a cultural center in Samarkand