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N. John Habraken

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My latest book

Now available in bookshops and at Amazon.com (for Europe also Bol.com). Edited by Jonathan Teicher.

Palladio’s Children

Palladio’s Children

Seven essays on everyday environment and the architect


Palladio’s children


Leaving the field


About fields


Encounters with the field


Back in the field again


Ways of working


About an attitude in making architecture

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The Structure of the Ordinary

The Structure of the Ordinary

A study of form and control in the built environment. (MIT Press).Now available in bookshops and at Amazon.com (for Europe also Bol.com)

Ongoing Interests

Open Building
The role of the Architect
The Built Environment as an autonomous entity.
Design methodology,
Teaching design for change and variety,
The computer as a design assistant,
Architectural education.


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