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A selected list of writings on N.J.Habraken


“Die Umsetzung einer einfachen Idee”. Das SAR-Konzept von Träger und Ausbau. Text based on an interview withJesko Fezer,cs of Pro-qm. in: “Hier Entsteht” Strategien partizipativer Architectur und raümlicher Aneignung. metrozones 3 / bbooks. 2003.

Bosma, Koos, with Dorine van Hoogstraten and Martijn Vos: "Housing for the Millions, John Habraken and the SAR (1960-2000)", NAI Publishers, Rotterdam, 2001, ISBN 90 5662178 5, 375p.

Lüchinger, Arnulf: "2-Komponenten-Bauweise, Struktur und Zufall", Arch-Edition, Den Haag, 2001, ISBN3-9522023-1-2 (An essay on the relation between the 'support' idea and architecture in the Netherlands.)

Bouman, Ole: "John Habraken", Foundation for Arts, Design, and Architecture”, Amsterdam, 1996. Publication at the occasion of the BKVB ( Netherlands foundation for Fine Arts, design, and Architecture) Oevre reward 1996. (Contains a brief essay, titled "The Life Cycle of an Idea" followed by an interview, titled "Building beyond Palladio", and a reprint of "3R's for housing".)

Buch, J.: "De Sociale matrix: Blom, Habraken en de planning van de jaren zeventig", in: Een eeuw Nederlandse Architectuur, Rotterdam , p.329-333. 1993

Vreedenburgh,Eric and Ype Cuperus: "Architecture as Interplay. interview with NJH", In:"Untangled Buiding?"Eric Vreedenburgh editor, OBOM publication. Also a Japanese edition. 1992

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Pawley, Martin: "Mass Housing: The Desparate Effort of Pre-Industrial Thought to Achieve the Equivalent of Mass Production". Architectural Design, January 1970. ( Pawleys articles were instrumental in introducing the 'support' idea in the English speaking world.)

Pawley, Martin: "The Perfect barracks and the Support Revolution". Interbuild Arena, October 1967.


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