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PUBLICATIONS by N. John Habraken




Palladio’s Children, Seven essays on everyday environment and the architect. Edited by Jonathan Teicher, Tailor and Francis, London, New York, 2005.

Die Träger und die Menschen, Das Ende des Massenwohnungsbaus, Arch-Edition, Den Haag, 2001, by Arnulf Lüchinger,
ISBN 3-9522023-1-2 German translation of the Dutch "De Dragers en de Mensen, Het Einde van de Massa Woningbouw".

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----Spanish translation: El Diseno de Soportes. Ed. Gustavo Gili, Barcelona 1979, second edition 2000.

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----Italian translation: Strutture per una Residenza Alternativa. Milano: Il Saggiatore, 1973. introduction: Franco Mancuso

----Spanish translation: Soportes: una alternativa al alojamiento de masas. Madrid, Alberto Corazon. 1976, translated by Fernando ramon.

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De Dragers en de Mensen, Het einde van de massa Woningbouw., Scheltema & Holkema N.V. Amsterdam, 1961



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"SAR 65, Proposals by the Foundation for Architect's Research". First publication of the basic principles of SAR method for support design. SAR, Eindhoven,1965. Principal Investigator, With Hans van Olphen.



La Botela WOBO, Article on the Heineken WOBO bottle In: Sin recursos Arquitectos numero 1/2009, informacion del Consejo Superior de los Colegios de Arquitectos de Espana.

Learning from the INO experience essay in: Systems Separation, Open Building at the Inselspital Bern, INO Project, 2009 Office of Properties and Buildings, Canton Bern, A Symposium focused on the INO Hospital Project New Center for Intensive Care, Emergency and Surgery, July 11-12, 2006. Bilingual edition German / English.

Supports: Housing and the City, Soportes:vivienda y ciudad, Experiencias 1, with Andrés Mignucci, foreword Josep Maria Montaner – Zaida Muxi, Barcelona 2009, Master laboratorio de la vivienda del siglo XXI, Report on the workshop under that name done at the Universitat Polytécnicad de Catalunya, Barcelona.

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----Spanish translation: "Metodo Para un Deseno Aficaz de la Vivienda". Eure.Santiago de Chile: 1982.

"Lower Housing Costs Through Design for Adaptability". Invited paper, presented to the International Colloquium on Low-cost Housing Financing, INFONAVIT, Mexico City, 1982.

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