N. John Habraken (john@habraken.org)

A short list of selected titles.

This list is intended to give the general reader access to the writings that I believe are still relevant today and can be expected to be accessible in libraries

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Palladio’s Children, seven essays on everyday environment and the architect. Edited by Jonathan Teicher , Editor, Oxford UK, Taylor & Francis, 2005, 179 p. in print.

The Structure of the Ordinary, Form and Control in the Built Environment. Edited by Jonathan Teicher, Editor, Cambridge, MIT Press, 1998, 359 p., in print.

The Appearance of the Form, Cambridge, Awater Press,1985. Private edition.Second ed. 1988. 132p.

Supports: an Alternate to Mass Housing, U.K., Urban International Press, 2000. Reprint of the 1972 English edition.

Variations, the Systematic Design of Supports, With J.T.Boekholt, A.P.Thyssen, P.J.M. Dinjens: MIT Laboratory for Architecture and Planning; distributed by MIT Press, Cambridge, USA and London 1976. English translation by W.Wiewel and Sue Gibbons from the original Dutch publication: Denken in Varianten,. Alphen a/d Rijn, Samson, 1974.



"The Grunsfeld Variations: A demonstration project on the coordination of a design team in urban design." Cambridge, MIT Laboratory for Architecture and Planning, 1981. With J.A. Aldrete-Haas, R. Chow, T. Hille, P. Krugmeier, M. Lampkin, A. Mallows, A Mignucci, Y. Takase, K. Weller, T. Yokouchi.

"Concept Design Games: Book One: Developing. Book Two: Playing." A report submitted to the National Science Foundation. Cambridge: MIT Department of Architecture, 1987. With Mark D. Gross, and James Anderson, Nabeel Hamdi, John Dale, Sergio Palleroni, Ellen Saslaw, Ming-Hung Wang.

Formsheet, Design Data Manager. A proposal. Draft report 2/9/98

Tools of the Trade. Thematic Aspects of Designing. Draft, Januari 1996



Supports: Housing and the City, Soportes:vivienda y ciudad, Experiencias 1, with Andrés Mignucci, foreword Josep Maria Montaner – Zaida Muxi, Barcelona 2009, Master laboratorio de la vivienda del siglo XXI, Report on the workshop under that name done at the Universitat Polytécnicad de Catalunya, Barcelona.

Design for Flexibility towards a research agenda, Review of the book “Flexible Housing” by Tatanja Schneider and Jeremy Till, Architectural Press,(2007) ISBN 978-0-75-068202-2. In: Building Research & Information, 36-3, 2008.

Questions that will not go away, Some remarks on Long-Term Trends in Architecture and their Impact on
Architectural Education. in: Open House International Vol 31, No 2, June 2006.

Memories of a Lost Future, in: Back from Utopia, the Challenge of the Modern Movement. Huber-Jan Henket & Hilde Heynen, editors. 010 Publishers Rotterdam 2002. p.218-225.

Notes on a Network Profession. in: Places, vol 12, No.3, 1999

"Forms of Understanding". Chapter in: The Education of the Architect, Post Renaissance, Post-Modern. Martha Pollak, Editor. MIT Press in 1997.

"Around the Black Hole", in Stoa, annual review of EAAE, reprint of 1980 article, Jan, 1996

"Cultivating the Field: About an attitude when making architecture."Places, Volume 9, Number 1, 1994.

"Type as a Social Agreement."Seoul, Korea: Third Asian Congress of Architects, Nov. 1988.

The Uses of Levels." in: Proceedings of the UNESCO Regional Seminar on Shelter for the Homeless, Nov. 1988.

"The Control of Complexity."Places, Vol. 4, No. 2. 1987.

"Control Hierarchies in Complex Artifacts."Proceedings of the `1987 Conference on Planning and Design in Architecture. J.P. Protzen, Editor, Boston: International Congress on Planning and Design Theory, 1987. Publ. by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers

"The Leaves and the Flowers." Design study for town hall in Amsterdam. in: VIA, Culture and the Social Vision, Arch. Journal of the Graduate School of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1980.

"Notes of a Traveller: On dilemmas of the researcher in architectural design methodology." Invited Article. Journal of Architectural Education, 1980.

"The Limits of Professionalism."Architectural Association Quarterly, Vol. 8, No.1.
(Based on a lecture I gave at the AA in London in 1975. In addition to speaking of urban tissue and its self generating qualities, here I first introduced the notion of control in relation to environmental form and the professional role. I believe I called it 'power'.)

"Playing Games."Architectural Design, No. 4, 1972.
( Modernism's attempt to control and shape environment by massive housing schemes is likened to a military parade which, in turn, is compared to a soccer play. The latter is chaos in the eyes of the drill sergeant.)

"You Can't Design the Ordinary." Architectural Design, April 1971.
( Perhaps my first attempt to call attention to the ordinary environment )

Three R's for Housing. Amsterdam, Scheltema & Holkema, 1970; originally published in Forum, vol. XX, no 1, 1966.



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